Do you remember Fat Melon Willie McClinton Jr.?

How could you forget the legend who put the woo in woogie! Back in the good ol’ days his magic right hand rocked and rolled the pianos in the hottest clubs all over New Orleans. His stupendous career was tragically cut short by a mysterious accident that led him right into the arms of his biggest nightmare: The over-zealous German fanatic, Walter.

The infamous Voodoo Guru will lead you through this bumpy ride with the unrivaled Dr. Will and the Wizards playing a stunning musical tribute to the greatest boogie pianist of all time.
These smashing, straight forward songs pimp the Blues back to life and revolutionize it at the same time.

Part concert / part mockumentary and a hillarious biopic this film is a never seen before fusion that will make you put your hands on the screen and yell: „Ooh, I like that voodoo!“



Running-Time - 52 min
Original Format - 16mm color/MiniDV
Screening Format - Digital Betacam
Year of Production - 2006
Country of Production - Germany